A Guide to Countertop Edges in Federal Way

Countertop edges federal wayCountertop edges really help to bring out the detail of your kitchen. There are many varieties to select from that complement different interior styles and architectures. Here are some of the common edge styles that are in high demand at the moment.

Eased Edges

Eased edges have smooth square edges with sharp corners. It’s an inexpensive option that goes great with most contemporary kitchen designs. It’s usually more favored for bathroom countertops since the design style is more compatible with small and confined spaces.

Bullnose Edges

The bullnose is a semi-circle shape. It’s commonplace yet provides a more elegant alternative to the more simplistic eased edges. This is a popular edge style for stainless steel countertops. Half-bullnose edges are also available that come in the shape of a quarter-circle.

Beveled Edges

Beveled edges are known for their pronounced 45-degree angle. Multiple beveled styles are available; you can opt for just the top portion to be beveled or have both the upper and lower edges beveled.

Ogee Edges

This edge is known for its S-shape curve that exudes a sophisticated and luxurious finish. It’s an especially popular variant for stone countertops. Another variant is a double-edge ogee, which boasts an extra curve. While stylish, this cut type is more expensive and is usually relegated towards luxury kitchen countertops.

Customized Countertop Edges

If none of the above edges suits your liking, then consider a custom design. Of course, custom styling is always pricier, but you’ll have the freedom to personalize the edge to your desired specifications.

We Supply Different Countertop Edges in Federal Way

We provide countertop styles that go with all kinds of kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Contact Grantash Quartz and Granite for a consultation on the diverse array of selections. Countertop edges have a greater influence on room ambiance than most homeowners realize.

Vast Selections of Countertop Edges in Federal Way

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